Formation professionnelle

Pulp and paper - operations


Acquire the knowledge, ability and attitude necessary to use the four main procedures in obtaining pulp and the treatment processes applied, to perform tests on pulp and paper, make decisions and apply actions necessary at different steps in the fabrication of paper.

Intérêts et aptitudes

Nom du cours
Determine their suitability for the trade and the training process 15
Use job search techniques 15
Use machines to supply and prepare raw materials 30
Apply health, safety and emergency measures 45
Make connections between raw materials and products 30
Perform production control calculations 45
Learn about paper companies 30
Apply concepts of chemistry to pulp and paper 45
Communicate in the workplace 45
Make sketches and read drawings 30
Use a computer 30
Describe mechanical pulping processes 60
Operate machinery used to process pulp for paper and cardboard 60
Conduct physical tests on products 75
Conduct chemical tests on products 45
Describe chemical pulping processes 60
Apply concepts of mechanics 60
Apply concepts associated with energy sources and industrial electricity 45
Describe the recycling and de-inking process 30
Apply concepts associated with instrumentation and automatic process control 75
Perform tasks associated with the operation of paper and cardboard machines 105
Describe chemical treatments and the surface properties of products 45
Perform winding, packaging and printing tasks 45
Make connections between process control and production costs 45
Apply environmental management concepts 0

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Secteur :
Foresterie et papier (12)
Sanction des études :
Durée :
1170 hours
Date de début :
5 septembre 2017
Date de fin :
15 juin 2018
Lieu de formation :